Photos Courtesy: (PROCOR-PIO)

In Ifugao, a resident of Banaue has requested the assistance of police officers of 2nd Ifugao PMFC in the pouring of cement in the ongoing house construction in Sitio Ibalodan, Brgy. Amganad.

Without hesitation, the police officers responded by allocating a portion of their time.

And working together with other residents, they finished the work that needed to be done in a few hours.

The practice is called β€œbadjang”, a tradition of bayanihan in the Cordilleras where the members of the community help each other in completing one’s endeavor.

One with the community, since August 2021, police officers of 2nd Ifugao PMFC have already assisted 20 residents by providing manpower and assistance during building or house constructions in their area of responsibility. (PROCOR-PIO)