Camp Marcelo Adduru, Tuguegarao City – The Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit-Provincial Intelligence Unit of Cagayan Police Provincial Office nabbed a drug personality regarded as Street Level Individual in a buy-bust operation in the City of Tuguegarao yesterday evening, September 20, 2023.

The suspect, alias “Doming” was captured by police operatives after consummating a drug trade with the latter. A search incidental to a lawful arrest was also conduct which resulted to the confiscation of more or less two grams of suspected Shabu and more or less one gram of Marijuana with an estimated value of Php13,600.00, and Php120.00, respectively.

“Doming”, not his real name, together with the recovered pieces of evidence were immediately brought to Tuguegarao City Police Station for documentation and preparation for the filing of appropriate charges.

Police Brigadier General Christopher C Birung, PRO2 Regional Director lauded the police officers behind this successful buy-bust operation. He directed PRO2 to continue in cleansing the Cagayan Valley from the proliferation of illegal drugs through the neutralization of drug personalities and their support systems. “I commend our men on the ground and their supervisors for always exerting their best efforts to suppress the illegal drug problem in our area of responsibility. I urge you to remain steadfast in the pursuit of a drug-free society through the CPNP’s aggressive and honest law enforcement.”

PNP PR02 Press Release

Photo Courtesy: PNP Region 2