Photo Courtesy of Police Region 2

CAMP MARCELO A. ADDURU, Camp Marcelo A Adduru, Tuguegarao City – Police personnel of PCP Gaddangao, Rizal Police Station recorded arrest of an individual for a significant violation of Republic Act 10591 in an established checkpoint by said precinct.

The incident involved alias “Berto”, residing in Abarriongan Uneg, Sto. Nino, Cagayan.

The enforcement team at PCP Gaddangao was carrying out an anti-criminality checkpoint operation when they stopped an XRM 125 motorcycle driven by an alias “Mulong”. The motorcycle was flagged down due to an initial violation of having no license plate attached, and the back rider, dubbed as alias “Berto”, was observed not wearing a safety helmet. When asked for the vehicle’s documents, Berto reached into his gray sling bag, revealing a grip handle of a firearm in plain sight.

Upon noticing the firearm, the enforcement team requested the legal documents for the weapon from Berto. However, he failed to present any document, leading to the confiscation of the firearm and his immediate arrest. The suspect was apprised of his constitutional rights in a dialect understood by him.

The apprehension of Berto underscores the commitment of the authorities at PCP Gaddangao to uphold the law and ensure the safety of the community. Possession of unlicensed firearms poses a serious threat to public safety and is a violation of Republic Act 10591, which regulates the acquisition, possession, and carrying of firearms and ammunition in the Philippines.

PCP Gaddangao encourages the public to cooperate with law enforcement officers during checkpoint operations and follow all regulations regarding the possession and use of firearms. The enforcement of laws such as RA 10591 is vital in maintaining peace and order in the region.

Moreover, in a statement of PBGEN CHRISTOPHER C BIRUNG, Regional Director, he applauds the operatives behind the successful arrest, highlighting their dedication to enforcing the law and keeping the community safe. He also added that the successful outcome of this operation is a testament the Gallant Valley Cops’ professionalism, training, and unwavering determination to enforce the laws.

“Your vigilance and dedication to upholding the law are truly commendable, and your swift action in apprehending an individual in possession of an unlicensed firearm demonstrates your commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our community. Your ability to act decisively and effectively in high-pressure situations like these reflects the high standard of excellence that we strive for in the PNP,” RD Birung said.#