Former Isabela congressman Giorgidi Aggabao has substituted for former Santiago City Mayor Amelita Navarro as a mayoral candidate in the city in the 2022 elections. Navarro is now running for vice mayor. (PHOTO FROM SANTIAGO CITY COMELEC OFFICE)

SANTIAGO CITYβ€”In a case illustrating substitution, former Isabela congressman Giorgidi Aggabao will run for mayor in place of former mayor Amelita Navarro, the city election office said on Tuesday (Nov. 9).

Aggabao, a lawyer and bar topnotcher, served as congressman for three consecutive terms.

His wife, Maria Lourdes, succeeded him from 2016 to 2019. Aggabao also served as a provincial board member.

In 2019, he ran for congressman but lost to incumbent Fourth District Rep. Alyssa Tan-Dy, who will also run for city mayor, hoping to switch posts with incumbent Mayor Joseph Tan who is running for congressman.

Navarro, a three-term mayor, substituted for Lea Lorraine Villena in the vice mayoral race.

Aggabao and Navarro said they would be campaigning together.