Photo Courtesy: (PROCOR-PIO)

Two people will be facing charges for violation of PD 705 or “The Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines” and R.A No. 9175 or the Chain Saw Act of 2002 after they were caught in the act of cutting logs in Brgy. Culapaan, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao on February 23.

Citing the report submitted to PROCOR Regional Director, Police Brig. Gen. Ronald Lee identified the suspects as Antonio Nawalig 49, and Edie Miguel, 50, all residents of Barangay Pinto, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

According to the same report, personnel of Alfonso Lista MPS and Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) were conducting anti-illegal logging operations when they caught Nawalig and Miguel in the act of cutting logs. When asked for a permit, the suspects failed to show the necessary documents which prompted their immediate arrest.

Confiscated from them were sawn lumber of Rain Trees and Dir-an Trees with a total volume of 850.76 board feet and a market value amounting to more or less Php 22,197.76 and one (1) unit chainsaw.

Arrested suspects, confiscated lumber, and chainsaw were brought into the custody of CENRO/DENR for documentation and proper disposition. (PROCOR-PIO)